rohini maiti

I am interested in researching the systems that run objects, run our own bodies, and both of those networks webbed together in pre-existing environments.  With a focus on ambiguous branching systems rather than logic-based thought, I attempt to deny the viewer the ability to centralize the work in a hyper-specific context.


While referring to the intersection between machine and sentience, hardware and software are seen as more than just their technological components. They function as allegories to our computational processes. 


song for you

1920 x 1080
live sound performance on video



lost in translation (endi)

24 x 48 x ceiling 

Animation projection on the wall



no more safe spaces

24 x 70 inches
    18 x 24 Digital print on Luster Paper


totem #2

60 x 48 x ceiling 
   Plaster, repurposed electronic trash


seismic song #2

24 x 24 x 120 inches
Found speakers, wires, amplifiers,
sine wave generator


endi #2

48 x 12 x 72 
   Vinyl text on wall


finding patterns

1920 x 1080
   Time Based edited Performance



60 x 60 
   Projection mapped on wall