Crossley Gallery is proud to present ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, an exhibition that explores the inter-webbing systems of human and technological interactions. Featuring Ringling College of Art + Design Fine-Art Seniors Alé Salamán and Ro Maiti, the artists present a curated landscape composed of distorted bodies, intersecting networks, and fragmented portraiture. In this strange world of interdependent entities, Salamán and Maiti invite the viewer to engage with a new yet familiar story, one that questions the construction of all stories. 


Modes of systems and consciousness informs Maiti’s body of work as she raises the question of what roles technology plays in our lives and the continual development of our psychology and perception of the world.


Through portraiture of distorted bodies within fusion of the digital and tangible landscape, Salamán brings a spotlight to the intimate relationships we share with ourselves and our surroundings.


the artists

gallery walkthrough