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Mya Brittingham, Zack Crosby, Leyla Sefket


April 8 - 19, 2024

Ringling College is pleased to announce the opening at the Savage Gallery on April 19th, 2024 for the Junior Exhibition M.A.D; a show that explores the concept of mutually assured destruction through themes of queerness, childhood, and authority. Connected by an emphasis on rebellion, the work of Zack Crosby, Mya Brittingham, and Leyla Sefket creates an environment that encourages the viewer to color outside the lines through their collection of figurative paintings, sculpture, and world-building.


In her paintings, Zack uses the figure as a vessel for conflict, capturing queer representation in the face of commodification by painting them in a sterile, minimalist environment meant to reflect the gallery space.


Through oil painting and sculpture, Mya strives to recreate her childhood drawings, using it as a gateway to discuss the ways in which we document ourselves. She investigates the transformation of mark-making into a form of play, using her adult insight to capture a childlike perspective.


Leyla's work focuses on concepts of misdirection through imagery surrounding suburbia and paintings of figures with heads replaced by road signs and other regulatory objects. By merging the idea of human nature with these everyday symbols of authority, the work is meant to challenge what the signs typically represent in an urban setting.

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