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Vanishing Point

Samuel del Corral, Alexi Johnstone, Autumn Sinor

March 21st - April 2nd, 2022

Vanishing Point captures the ephemerality of nature, time, and place. The exploration of the relationships between the natural world and humanity, the emotional connection found in the tendrils of the environment, and the loss of fading moments. Sinor captures cherished yet transient memories of loved ones as they interact with the environment around them, exploring the beauty in a moment, shared and personal. Johnstone explores the intangible experience of being surrounded by Mother Nature and the melancholy of these fading aspects, vital to humanity. Del Corral shows the change in the landscape and the loss that occurs with the impact of development with each new generation. Together, Sinor, Johnstone, and del Corral ask the viewer to investigate the relationship they have with their surroundings, how people and the land relate to each other, in fleeting moments or gradually over centuries.

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