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Teresa Olds, Emily Smith, Nikolas Tosi

April 10 - 21, 2023

Reception: Thursday, April 20th from 5 - 8pm


The Fine Arts Department invites you to celebrate the Senior Thesis Exhibition Tempestuous. The exhibiting artists - Teresa Olds, Nik Tosi, and Emily Smith - Exploring passionate and turbulent emotions that come together to create a storm of feelings. 


Teresa Olds works from photo references that point to specific moments and experiences in her life in the modern age that has greatly shaped and defined her. Nikolas Tosi is an non-objective abstract artist who intensely follows an experimental and emotionally therapeutic work ethic using multiple materials from paint scrapers to wood boards to carve his feelings into while experimenting with every work in the goal of understanding every aspect of color and art present. Emily Smith is a film fanatic and has taken a bit out of German Expressionism films which features the black and white and modern monster movies. These films and time periods provoke the emotions of fear, sadness, desire, inner madness, turmoil. In unity they create an amalgamation appertaining to the representation for the heart of artists and people that speaks in its colors and subjects. From their dedication to the feelings present from the experimental, the historical, and the modern age context. 

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