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Meagan Hindel, Alise Hodzic, Andrea Oded, Kiara Rodriguez

Curated by Dustin Juengel

March 15 - 30, 2018

Art Center Sarasota in conjunction with Ringling College of Art & Design's Fine Arts department, is pleased to present New Realities: A Different Perspective. 

“New Realities” is a two-part exhibition, showcasing new works by Ringling College of Art and Design’s junior Fine Arts class. The first exhibition, “A Different Perspective,” runs March 15 to March 30. The second exhibition, “[Un]comfortable,” is on display April 5 to April 20. “Each exhibition is highly unique,” says Dustin Juengel, Art Center Sarasota’s exhibition curator, adding that the first exhibition includes sculptures fabricated in metal, small installations constructed from a range of materials, paintings, prints, and digital video projections. “The second exhibition has a more collaborative feel,” he says. “The artists worked together to craft one coherent immersive installation. Paintings, drawings and collages will contribute to the overall texture and experience of this installation."


The first part of the exhibition, “A Different Perspective,” brings together the work of Kiara Rodriquez, Meagan Hindel, Alisa Hodzic and Andrea Oded. Their works explore themes of history, identity, and nature. The second part of the exhibition, “[Un]comfortable” features the work of Micah Harrison, David Klos, Brianna Lackey, and Savannah Magnolia. “Their installation may initially evoke the familiarity of a cozy living room and invite the viewer to feel right at home, but the bizarre and uncomfortable lurk below its superficial appearance,” says Juengel.

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