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Mandy, Fulton, Ikkamatti Hauru, Sarah Kocab

April 18 - 29, 2022

Reception, Thursday, April 28


In Hypercycle, each artist invents abstract spaces inhabited by algorithmically and chaotically organized forms and patterns. The work, either physical or digital, reveals unexpected beauty and order that emerges organically from the seemingly random processes. Mandy Fulton’s work showcases her explosive process through vibrant burn marks and gently painted brush strokes. Mixing digital animation and sound design, Ikkamatti Hauru’s algorithmically generated landscapes collapse the duality between the natural and the artificial. Sarah Kocab’s paintings explore iterative, geometric patterns using a limited color palette. The structures connect, split off, and reconnect in the space to invent new and exciting formations. The interplay of randomness vs. determinism, chaos vs. order, and spontaneous vs. premeditated gestures, creates an interwoven thread that binds all of the works into a seamless whole.

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