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Eszter Sziksz

To The Ones Who Came Before Us

August 30 - October 1, 2021


Eszter Sziksz is a Hungarian artist, and has traveled and lived in several countries from Asia to Europe. Her work blends printmaking, installation and video elements. She has shown at the regional and international level from Tokyo to Budapest.


"As a printmaker, I explore the Ephemeron---or shifting material states of each piece as it grows in time, decays, and leaves a trace of memory. My prints can take the shape of a psychic imprint with deeper, more sentient engagement in the inner life of the viewer.  The work is also my personal ritual that performs my own foundations. I emigrated from Hungary 12 years ago; Covid has made even more separation from my family, and I miss them every day. Our Covid quarantine restrictions inspired a new collection,  Waiting. I print repeated family portraits using ephemeral materials like ice, sand, MSG, milk, and ash that quickly wash away. Nothing lasts forever--- and paradoxically, sometimes all you can do is wait for something to change. This metaphor speaks to the organic metamorphoses of my materials: oil on canvas, print on paper, melting ice sheets, or fragile sand prints. I also print words that indicate coinciding feelings that mark me for what seems to be an eternity. For, I lose the sense of time in what feels like endless isolation. These sentient impressions of my work may be more important than the survival of the work itself.

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