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Chanya Cserepy, Audrey Elk, Melvin Gomez

March 21st - April 2nd, 2022

RECEPTION: Thursday, March 31st, 2022 from 4:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

The Fine Arts Department of Ringling College of Art + Design is pleased to present  “Coalesce” featuring the work of Chanya Cserepy, Melvin Gomez, Audrey Elk. The impulse to translate one´s emotions and experiences into form is a romantic one. Artists and poets alike excavate their internal worlds, searching for content that can be expressed universally. The exhibition “Coalesce” is a multi-media group show featuring artists Melvin Gomez, Chanya Cserepy, and Audrey Elk. Through painting, Melvin creates imaginary landscapes in order to invite the viewer into the subject's psychological state, allowing the viewer to interpret the images with their own desires and fears. Chanya’s paintings and photographs import her own experience into the work by depicting the familial relationships in her life. Her images focus entirely upon the figure, bereft of any surroundings in order to emphasize the subject's role in relation to her. Audrey’s prints and paintings are inspired by her growing fears of a decadent future, and the individual’s role in fostering a healthy relationship between the unconscious self and the conscious self. The presented body of work in “Coalesce” depicts universal feelings such as detachment, longing, and desire to reimagine the world.

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