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POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS: Savannah Magnolia and Meagan Hindel 


In Possible Side Effects, artists Savannah Magnolia and Meagan Hindel present new paintings and sculptures as a part of their thesis bodies of work. The exhibition explores the side effects that arise from ongoing societal issues and struggling personal relationships in a playful yet serious way. 


Through extremely saturated, hard-edge paintings, Savannah Magnolia welcomes a conversation of broader taboo issues. By using large-scale non-traditional landscapes and cross-sections of human anatomy, Magnolia addresses such issues as pharmaceuticals, public surveillance, and environmental degradation with a clinical and simultaneously amusing approach. 


Meagan Hindel addresses familial relationships and traumatic experiences by using animals in her sculptures so that these resulting mental states may be relatable to all. In addition to sculptures, Hindel will also have a large immersive installation that focuses on our perception of color. 


Both artists selectively use bright, eccentric colors to entice viewers into the work before the undertone of these such anxieties creeps in. Together they create an exhibition that is superficially delightful yet deeply unnerving.

February 21 - March 2, 2019

Opening Reception: Thursday, February 21, 2019

4:30 - 8pm

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