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NEW REALITIES: [Un] comfortable

Micah Harrison, David Klos, Brianna Lackey, Savannah Magnolia

March 15 - 30, 2018


Art Center Sarasota presents, “New Realities: [Un]Comfortable” featuring a full-scale installation and works by Ringling College of Art and Design students - Micah Harrison, David Klos, Brianna Lackey, and Savannah Magnolia:


Step into a living room for a moment, and one will find one’s self transported home. Living spaces evoke feelings of universal familiarity where everything feels comfortable, but what is the experience when something’s just not right?

As a group, they each find their works toeing the line between these feelings of comfort and discomfort, generally through humor with a punch line that’s often ambiguous. There’s an air of deception amongst the paintings where things aren’t always as they first seem. This exhibition mimics this feeling by creating a superficial layer of comfort before hitting the viewer with elements of the bizarre. What adds up is a space in which the viewer feels amused and nostalgic with an underlying uneasiness.

The artists invite viewers to make themselves at home within this interactive installation. Pick up objects, sit on the furniture, and even eat the food - just don’t walk up the stairs because one never knows what lurks beyond.   

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