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Originally a Greek word,  Mimesis has been used in artistic theory to refer to the attempt to imitate or reproduce reality.

Together in “Mimesis” artists Alexi Johnstone, Audrey Elk, and Alex Veve use mixed mediums to explore the depiction of charged yet unidentifiable atmospheres that ask the viewer to delve into their own mental landscape. 
In the convergence of the three artists' work is the replication of the inexplicability of psyche and experience. Alex Veve’s photographs replicate scenes of familiar yet unknown situations that provoke feelings of uncertainty and ambiguity as the viewer searches for their context. The sense of ambiguity in Veve’s work is shared in Audrey Elk’s mysterious creatures and environments of the unconscious. Alexi Johnstone’s work also represents the internal landscape through the merging of subject and surroundings. 

Alexi Johnstone

Righteousness Wilts at the Hand of Guilt
Sublime Dilapidation
No Heroes, No Adversaries
Uncaught Bird, Hovering
Found In the Deep
The Moth and the Bulb
In Utero
Misplaced Concreteness
Staved In

Alexi Johnstone is a painter and printmaker creating meditatory scenes of boundaryless environments. Subject and environment merge to express the fallacy of the individual, that what is considered separate can only be experienced through its surroundings. Alexi’s paintings use thin stains atop roughly primed linen, or thick pools of pigment that dissolve into each other, to form figures and scenes of emotional contemplation. Alongside the oil paintings are etchings and drawings of delicate, detailed mark-making that echo the flux of the inner and the outer that appears in the paintings. The recurring motif of the window or the gazing eye asks the viewer to look through the painting and into their internal structure. 

Alex Veve

⠓⠑⠑⠇ ⠠⠇⠠⠥⠠⠞
Product Shot (Stuffy)
⠓⠑⠑⠇ ⠠⠇⠠⠥⠠⠞
Putty 3
Putty 1
Putty 2

Alex Veve is a multimedia artist from Tampa, Florida. Alex works primarily with photography, sound design, and video. Often combining all of the mediums at once, Veve creates constructed and often unsettling staged situations that provoke the viewer and beg to be understood. The artist is currently shifting their focus towards creating installation based work and live performance. 

Audrey Elk

Devil’s Nocturne
River of Transformity
Ancestral Spirit Contained to Storage
Righteousness Wilts at the Hand of Guilt
Deathless Exchange
Myths of Purity

Audrey Elk is an artist from Jonesboro, Arkansas. Her practice includes painting, printmaking, time-based, and sculpture. The work is influenced by magical realism, philosophy, and psychoanalysis. Audrey’s mysterious landscapes are inhabited by creatures of the unconscious. Her work deals in mythologies of human virtues and paradox through recurring motifs of bright orbs and ribbon-like movements. These motifs outline ego, spirit, and soul, relating them to each other, placing them together as pieces within the same system. The soul expands in its state of potential, encompassing all life and experiences. The ego serves as being finite and individualized, and decides which archetypal spirits will guide it in it’s journey through life. The work asks the viewer, just what occupies the quiet spaces within you? Which angels or demons lead you, feigning dormancy? 

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