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Every Mark, a Mirror

December 17th, 2021 - February 4, 2022

RECEPTION: Friday, January 28th from 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm

The Fine Arts Department of Ringling College of Art and Design is pleased to present the exhibition: Every Mark, a Mirror. The exhibition is a collection of Self Portraits of our Freshmen class created during the course 2D/Color taught by Professor Nathan Skiles.  The collection of works in the Every Mark, a Mirror exhibition deals with color relationships and self-expression. In a time when visual identity is inextricably linked to masking and concealment, the work of Every Mark, a Mirror explores the theme of identity through pictorial representation, paint-handling, and the subtle manipulation of color and value. The exhibition features the work of Anna Agee, Mya Brittingham, Natalie Burdett, Zack Crosby, Blue Dunsworth, Laura Durr, Summer Foster, Valeria Guerra Garcia, Jessenia Luis, Lilli Maggio, Sophia Mitchell, Arcell Salunga, Lelya Sefket, Chloe Snook and Mia Szafranic.


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