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EMBERS: Lizi Budagashvili, Gabrialle Higgs and Emily Smith


Featuring: Lizi Budagashvili, Gabrialle (Danielle) Higgs, Emily Smith.

RECEPTION date and time: March 17, 2022, 4:30 PM

The exhibition will include paintings exploring womanhood from different backgrounds and the strength they carry in order to overcome the challenges that come their way. Each artist derives their work from personal experiences of the universal problem - female oppression. Emily Smith’s work focuses on indigenous cultures and the importance of women in North and South American tribes. Gabrialle’s (Danielle’s) Higgs' work is centered around people of color in a vibrant and calming setting, colors that remind her of home and people that demonstrate a sense of strength and beauty. Lizi Budagashvili evokes the concept of growth through her use of nostalgia and personal, childhood imagery. Collectively, the theme of womanhood in their work overlaps with the idea of home, which is essential to their identities. The figures in the works - the embers - have been hurt but they still keep burning with the need to respond to unfair and painful circumstances.

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