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BEST OF RINGLING: Ben Barnett, Lizi Budagashvili, Pao Chitijirawong, Maddy Duke, Saga Eklund, Darien Elyse, Ju Galvao, Emily Heiler, Marley Jabloner, Minseok Jang, Bridget Leavy, Lauren Lesley, Jose Linares, Musa Kunene, Sionna Macleish, Athena Nugent, Alé Sàlamán, Sam Seeger, Emily Smith, Alex Veve 

Curated by Ola Wlusek

April 17 - May 6, 2020

Statement by Ola Wlusek:

The twenty artists in this exhibition address various issues pertaining to identity, representation, and the psyche in unique ways. The breadth of the work here is also a testament to the varied materials and media these artists pursue in order to communicate their ideas clearly and authentically. I’m impressed with the three-dimensional works in mixed media, installations, animations, and sculptures, as well as the painterly explorations. Collectively, the works combine elements of formalism with fantasy and play in brilliant new ways. Every artist in the exhibition has made an exciting intellectual contribution to the field of visual art and I’d like to congratulate them all for their excellent work. Three award winners were chosen based on my strong responses to their work. In these instances, I was deeply impressed with the innovative approaches to the media; the meaningful consideration of the subject matter; and the unapologetic sense of humor in the work. However, I would also like to thank and encourage all artists who have submitted their artwork to be considered for the exhibition. Their creative output is a necessary contribution to our collective well-being.

|     FALL/WINTER 2023 

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