Briauna Berner, Kika Fliessner, Teresa Olds

April 18 - 29, 2022

Reception, Thursday, April 28


The Fine Arts Department of Ringling College of Art and Design is pleased to present UNSEEN HEALING. An exhibition featuring the new works from Briauna Berner, Kika Fleissner, and Teresa Olds.

This exhibition explores the themes of inner growth and healing. The artists work in a variety of mediums to express their different aspects of identity. Briauna Berner works with her inner child to create sculptures and paintings related to confectionery works. Kika Fleissner approaches this theme by finding out what home means to her, while also exploring her values by incorporating images of her upbringing overseas. Teresa Olds focuses on facing the darker aspects of her life, and finding authenticity through dreamlike paintings, religious imagery and apparel. Together they create a realm that evokes self-reflection and unseen healing.